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Glow In The Dark FRANKIE

This is a project for NAMM.  Mike always likes to push the boundaries a bit with these jobs because he is generally given full artistic reign.  I thought you might like to follow the process of this piece, as it is challenging both technically and creatively. As most of you know, Mike generally prefers to work on […]Read More

How To: Kong- A Lesson in Texture

This Tutorial is a study in Daggers and Dots: Mike goes into great detail as he explains the layering techniques he used to create complex textures like leathery skin and hair on his awesome beast, KONG. We are also including some still photos and color use references below: Mike created a very simple mask to […]Read More

HOW TO: Focke Wulf 190 WWII Warbird

When it comes to painting Warbirds, a good portion of great execution is understanding how to complete complex masking processes. These types of designs require numerous “layers” and masking them in the correct order is integral to the success of the final piece. For this particular tutorial, we will focus on “order of execution.” This […]Read More


This project has garnered a lot of interest as its progression was documented on social media. Now that it is complete I thought I would put the entire process and the most relevant images and videos together one one place. The project came to us from a customer in China and there are several back […]Read More

THE SKETCHBOOK & Random Thoughts – Rob Burns

This job came to me with very little instruction. The client, Rob Burns, wanted his bike to have a ton of artwork, but still wanted the LimeTime Pearl base coat to be very prevalent; basically he wanted the bike to still be green even after it was covered with art. He also mentioned that he […]Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Jackson D.O.C Guitar Series

Mike has often been given the freedom to create ideas for the Jackson Custom Shop “Short Runs”. This concept, Jackson Department of Corrections is an example. Mike came up with the idea of prison stripes and chains and even designed the chain link inlays to wrap the design from the body up through the fingerboard! […]Read More