Mike Learn... A creative mind always on the cutting edge of artistic expression.

It's a new Year, a new Decade and a rapidly changing and new Marketplace. As Social Networking continues to implode we are prepared to bring people back to the .com!

Mike Learn still dominates the custom airbrush industry, having kept up with and surpassed trends. Through the Big Boom, the recession and now into a great economic upturn we continue to look for "onramps" to emerging trends.

Now, with decades of diversity under his artistic belt, Mike is looking to take on 2020 with an eye towards innovation and collaboration. Look for some great projects from Mike Learn Studios!

Airbrush Art Portfolio

Check out some of Mike's most outstanding airbrush art work - from album cover commissions to detailed murals.


Learn Guitars

Browse some of Mike's Musical Masterpieces! Mike builds custom stringed instruments, from blocks of wood to finish. Each year Mike chooses 10-15 projects that inspire him. Yours could be next!


Finkin' Out Loud

Mike was recently awarded the honor of becoming an Officially Licensed Ed Big Daddy Roth artist. And with that he is taking his FINK to the next level.


The Treasure Hunter 3D

“I really wanted to do something artistic with this guitar.  I wanted to make a monster player out of the last few pieces of Koa that I had.  This instrument certainly lives up to that expectation. I went a little overboard with the looks on this one, but sacrificed nothing regarding its smooth playability.” SPECS:…Read More

7 Deadly Strings

Mike built this spec model alongside a custom order. This is yet another of the ever-popular Flak Jacket model – only this time it’s a 7-String!! SPECS: Mahogany Body – Flak Jacket Model25 1/2″ ScaleMapleNeck ThruVery Slim “D” Profile with 16″-20″ compound radiusMacassar Ebony fretboardJumbo FretsSeymour Duncan Invader pickup2-Way truss rodGotoh bridge and tunersString Thru…Read More

Classic UFO Custom

The custom projects that come through the shop are always so fun and add real variety to the job. This vintage-finish classic was completed for a repeat customer who had a guitar body that he wanted “built out”.  Mike built the neck, designed the fretboard, and did all the finishing and assembly.  It is really…Read More

Jackson “Zombettes”

Mike was commissioned to do a run of 6 She-Zombies for the Jackson Custom Shop. He used some famous models with sinister smiles to come up with this run of 6 lovely ladies that we affectionately call: AleronBellatrixCordeliaDrusillaEsmereldaFelicia One Guitar Center picked up the entire set and created an ad to sell them. Pretty neat…Read More

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