This project has garnered a lot of interest as its progression was documented on social media. Now that it is complete I thought I would put the entire process and the most relevant images and videos together one one place.

The project came to us from a customer in China and there are several back stories around both the design and the circumstances.

Mike built this guitar from a kit, however there was a significant amount of customization that had to be done in order for it to have all the properties our customer was looking for.

Below you will find a “Guitar Short” video with Mike discussing the project once complete. I have also included a gallery of final images, and for those of you who are interested in the WHOLE project, we have a Video detailing the first part of the paint process. ENJOY!

And here is a gallery of final shots. This guitar will be heading back home shortly.

Throughout the lifespan of this project we did a lot of documentation. Here is a FaceBook Live session we filmed as Mike discussed the white underpainting and his plan for using atmospheric perspective to create the illusion of depth.

This video was created from a FaceBook Live session we did as Mike put down the white underpainting.

Here are a few progression shots for those of you who like to follow the process:

Sketch for design
200White underpainting complete.
Color complete before clear.

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