FINK Gallery

The “Finky Gallery” is a collection of drawings from Mike’s “Finking Out Loud” project that he started early in 2020.

Mike has always been a huge fan of Big Daddy Ed Roth and has loved drawing in the “Fink” style. This series of drawings were inspired by the old Hot Rod/Rat Rod pieces that Ed Roth was famous for. Once he started creating these pieces, the requests for “personalized car and finks” started rolling in. Most of the commissions were utilized as T-Shirt Designs, so we decided to get in on that game, and now you can find many of these pieces in our Mike Learn Merchandise store.

Mike is an officially licensed “Ed Big Daddy Roth” artist which means he holds the rights to utilize the “Rat Fink”. If you would like to have a personalized “Fink”, for whatever reason. Please hit us up!

For more information, please TEXT or CALL: 720.551.9751

You can also connect through email: