This is a question we see time and time again not only on this site, but on others as well. “How do I remove tape residue without compromising the artwork?”

There is no ONE right way to do it, but over the years we have learned a couple different methods that will do to the trick.

1. Try pressing or tacking another tape on the residue – preferably masking tape. The more, the better. Very often the residue will want to stick to other tape glue better than the surface it is currently stuck on and will come up like rubber cement.

2. A trick learned from Tom Prewitt – Take baking soda or corn starch and sprinkle it on the adhesive. The residue will stick to the baking soda/corn starch and you can simply rub it off.

CAUTION: Be very careful using any solvent based product to remove residue. Solvents tend to just break down the adhesive, spread it around and make an even bigger mess. 

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