SPOTLIGHT: P61 Black Widow Warbird

This Jackson King V project was commissioned from a repeat customer, Alex. Mike has done several great pieces for him, and this one was no different.

The guitar originally had 2 pickups, so Mike did some modifications to fill the second pickup recess and the holes for the electronics. Alex left the design for the finish up to Mike (his FAVORITE kind of job) and simply asked for a black warbird.

Final images are shown in the gallery below:

This project became the subject of several videos while it was in the shop. Here is a short video of Mike discussing the project on his “Guitar Shorts” Series on YouTube.

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For those of you who like to see tutorials, we used this project to film an Airbrush Technique video focussing on the complex masking used for the squadron insignias. This video also has some really interesting background information on the project research.

We also used this project for a quick “Bullet Hole” how to:

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