Jackson “Zombettes”

Mike was commissioned to do a run of 6 She-Zombies for the Jackson Custom Shop. He used some famous models with sinister smiles to come up with this run of 6 lovely ladies that we affectionately call: AleronBellatrixCordeliaDrusillaEsmereldaFelicia One Guitar Center picked up the entire set and created an ad to sell them. Pretty neat…Read More

First Easyrider’s feature.

Nearly 3 decades ago, I was honored with my first paint job being featured in Easyrider’s Magazine.  Bill Legler’s “Betty” was picked up for a feature at the Columbus Show.  Killer Pan.

Kustom Guitar A-Z

Classes are Feb 6-10 in sunny Orlando, FL. We will be assembling and painting a custom Razor Dimebag Tribute guitar. All information can be found at Airbrushartcircus.com