Hello? Is there a Painter in the House?


A very interesting phenomena is occurring the shop right now.... we have been overrun by Rock Stars!!

Strangely, and from several different sources - calls over the last 2 weeks to paint guitars for pretty big name artists have been filling the phone.

Besides the 3 that we finished and shipped off (see images) in the last week we have up on deck:

  • Jon Levin - Dokken
  • Michael Wilton - Queensryche
  • KK Downing - Judas Priest
  • Eddie Ojeda - Twisted Sister
  • James Young - Styx
  • Piggy D - Rob Zombie Band
  • CJ Pierce - Drowning Pool
  • Steve Brown - Trixter
  • Adrian Smith - Iron Maiden
  • Rick Savage - Def Leppard
  • CC Deville - Poison

Michael WiltonIt certainly is exciting!  We will share them all as they work their way through the finishing process!


Vintage Cafe Racer Restoration

BEFORE (left) and AFTER (below)
What A Difference Some Paint Makes!

Rick, a local guy from Loveland, CO brought us his 40 year old, krinkle paint covered fiberglas parts from a restoration project that he has been working on.  He was looking for a new paint job, but wanted to stay true to the vintage cafe racer era.

After the challenge of stripping the "classic paint job" (phew), some fiberglas repairs and the skillful bodywork of a pro, this set of skins was ready for its new look!

Ric and Mike decided to go with a clean and classy sliver leaf graphic, pinstriped, over black with just a "touch" of flake. A pretty good facelift, dont you think:


Mike Savage's PHAT RIDES Bagger


We just got some fantastic photos of Mike Savage's complete bagger overhaul.  Phat Rides - a custom shop here in Loveland, CO used Mike's bike to showcase their performance enhancement talent, and they brought it to us for a Show Stopping finish which has proved to be exactly that.  This beauty has received accolades at every show they have made so far.

This classic 2-tone factory HD red and black utilized the frame color to minimize the pieces to be painted while giving the bike a brand new, full custom look.  A classy, beveled tribal and some bright red pinstripes bring the whole thing together.

This type of job is a great way to give your bike a fantastic new look, even with an economical budget in mind.


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