Joe B's Messerschmidt BF 209 - FINISHED

The Messerschmidt BF 209 is back home in Colorado Springs!!

Joe just picked up his WWII bagger over the weekend... it is such a neat paintjob... but we are not going to be able to appreciate the amazing design until we see it all re-assembled... so we are waiting PATIENTLY for pictures to come through.... will post them as soon as I can!  Until then... ENJOY!!

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BC Rich Headed to Tornado Country!!

Big Batch of BC Rich Guitars

These 5 - high-end guitars from BC Rich are heading to Willoughby Music in Nebraska.  Mike worked with Jake Willoughby and the creators of BC Rich to come up with this selection of guitars and had a great time with this project.

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A Batch of Cool Guitars

A Batch of Cool Guitars...

The Godzilla Guitar is just plain fun.  Who doesn't love a Super-sized Lizard bringing havoc to all it sees?  The Blue and white bass was painted for Rick Savage of Def Leppard.  He is on a special charity tour and at some point this bass will be given away to one lucky person.  The last guitar is a complete restoration of a prototype Jackson model - #1.  I just love the Hot Rod flames and stripes on this one!

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Vintage Cafe Racer Restoration - COMPLETE

Thanks Ric for sending pictures of the Cafe Racer Restoration project completed!!  What a FANTASTIC job!!

For before pictures .... check out this article:

Joe's BF109 Messerschmidt Bagger

This bagger project is for a local biker.  He came to Mike looking for a WWII theme.... something that is always right up Mike's alley!!  After some discussion, they decided on a BF109 Messerschmidt Theme.  Mike has been working on the base paint all week and will finish up with several well placed airbrush mural pieces next week.  Here are some in-process shots to enjoy.


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