The Generation III MOJO USA Precision Airbrush!!

Finally, after months of R&D, discussion, trial, error and success, Mike and I are PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that our Precision MOJO Airbrush will now be produced, at Mike's direction, here in the USA!!

Our new partnership with the experts at the 100% American-made, Paasche Airbrush Company has allowed Mike the freedom to work directly with engineers, manufacturers and specialists to produce the highest quality precision airbrush available, anywhere.



The Generation III MOJO USA Precision Airbrush maintains all the MOJO-rific performance you have come to depend upon - instant paint response, prime atomization and greatly reduced tip dry - however, it takes detail to THE NEXT LEVEL!

The unique, microfine tip construction allows the fluid tip and aircap to function together as a step-down pressure chamber delivering a smooth airflow that provides superior air consistency and control.

"The level of detail I have been able to achieve with the Generation III MOJO has surpassed not only that of the older MOJO, but has superseded my own vision of how the brush should perform." ~ Mike Learn

Other new or upgraded features include:
• Smoother trigger action for instant paint response and control.
• Improved angle and cup placement to allow more room between the trigger and cup.
• Hand polished trigger for maximum comfort.
• Double cut-away handle with preset needle stop.

In addition, our Generation III MOJO is threaded to fit Iwata/RichPen hoses and fittings so all your earlier MOJO hoses and accessories are interchangeable. And don't worry... even though the new MOJO is produced to our specs, every single Generation III MOJO USA continues to be hand polished, matched and assembled by Mike - keeping intact, the personal touch that made the MOJO airbrush a step above all other precision airbrush models.

The most exciting feature of the new Generation III MOJO USA is that we now have the opportunity to evolve consistently and upgrade the brush with custom components that cannot be found anywhere, except Mike's head. He already has 2-3 ground-breaking accessories in the development phase! The opportunity to work DIRECTLY with with design and production of this airbrush has been a dream come true for Mike and we look forward to sharing this enthusiasm with our customers.

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