Welcome to MikeLearn.com 6.0!!  We have just completely updated and upgraded both our server and our software!

Over the coming weeks we will continue to add content, interactivity and new features.  You will also see many new and exciting changes in our entire family of websites as we strive to take advantage of the best of modern technology's continued advancement.

Be sure to check out the current projects in the shop in the News and Events section.  The shop is bustling right now, full of projects both small and large.  In addition, the Zombie Killer is getting ready to head out to several shows over the next couple weeks and we hope to make a big splash locally.

If you are here to see Mike's extensive portfolio - I hope you have some time!!  The gallery has been divided into 10 separate pages, with projects put into categories aimed to help you find something that fits your style more easily.


MLearn Interactive!!